T.N.B. (typical nigga behavior)

Dead White Zombies might amaze or enrage you with its immersive production of T.N.B. Either way, chalk one up for a theater that's shaking things up. It's epic, cinematic and gut-wrenching.                   

Theatre Jones


Fearless...T.N.B. is frightening, sickening, humorous, unnerving, disturbing, and astonishing. It is, arguably, the most significant artistic contribution to the Dallas community because of its experimentation, radicalism, and fearlessness. Dead White Zombies' T.N.B. is a labor of love.            

Pegasus News


TNB - Electrifying Play Staged In An Abandoned Dallas Crack House Will Blow Your Mind

This past weekend I was a part of the most electrifying and brutal theater performances of my theater going life. It was all thanks to a group called Dead White Zombies. The performance I lived was an immersion piece staged in an abandoned crack house in Dallas. And it defies all the words. I have spent the last three days desperately searching for ways to describe it. 

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