DP92 was brimming with surprises, alarming, amusing, the ruminations of the inmates were indeed febrile and poetic. This is voluptuous, loopy, scintillating theatre that challenges the soul and rattles our teeth. It's black humor laced with the lyric authority of dream logic. It's metaphysical redemption masquerading as grotesque psychological quackery. It's audacious, original and implacable.

Dallas Examiner


If there's a common thread in the Zombies shows, it's in the way Riccio uses language and performance to remind us of the confusion, complications and frustrations implicit in humanity. In DP92, Riccio attempts to unite the origins of life — the mollusk — with the controlled chaos of modern humanity. But really, what he's reminding us is that we're all in this life together. We all come from the same place and return to it, as life folds in on itself over and over again.Are we patients being taken care of? Or human rats in a never-ending  experiment? Are we observers or the observed? Willing or unwilling? Trapped or guarded? Eroding or evolving? These are the questions flickering in my head as I stumbled out of the science fiction fever dream.

Dallas Observer



The energy toward transforming the primarily abandoned Trinity Groves area into a new arts district has been spearheaded by Dead White Zombies, led by Thomas Riccio...Riccio offered the example to use abandoned and non-traditional spaces. That really wasn't a possibility before.  

Howl Round