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from writer/director Thomas Riccio

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Unique, necessary and refreshing off-the-wall.

Peter Simek

DWZ is still "high-octane"

Writer and director Thomas Riccio delights in pushing his audiences off balance.

Lindsey Wilson

Hellbent on keeping it left-of-center. It's Friday night with Dead White Zombies. Anything could happen.

Jamie Laughlin

Seeing a Dead White Zombies show is an experience. The shows are immersive adventures; they’re exciting.

No other company is experimenting with the kind of intellectually stirring and socially urgent content matter that Dead White Zombies so brazenly tackles.

It is, arguably, the most significant artistic contribution to the Dallas community because of its experimentation, radicalism, and fearlessness...

Brentney Hamilton

This thirst for faster and bigger development is assaulted head on by writer/director Thomas Riccio and his folk avant-garde theater company, Dead White Zombies. Their self-generated, immersive production, Bull Game (winner loses action figures), puts on display the last, dying gasp of Western Civilization.

Phil Cerroni

Dead White Zombies pushes the boundaries of Dallas theater.

Lauren Smart


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photos: Alisa Levy & Dean Terry