Dead White Zombies

​​Dallas TX

 The avant-garde troupe that’s unafraid to break the rules and mess with your head.                       D Magazine

Hellbent on keeping it left-of-center. It's Friday night with the Dead White Zombies, anything can happen.                                                                                                                                                   Dallas Observer

As we have come to expect, the artistic vision is beyond well-executed.                                   Art + Culture, Texas

As with much of DWZ's work, the immersive aspect forces audiences to examine their own value system.

American Theatre Magazine

No other company is experimenting with the kind of intellecturally stirring and socially urgent content matter that Dead White Zombies so brazenly tackles.                                                                           Pegasus News

Sound Design: Scot Gresham-Lancaster

These performers do share something with the shamanistic figures that inspired them, insofar as they are not so much meant to be characters as symbolic actors, and their actions point our awareness beyond our experience of the physical world toward the suggestion of some metaphysical other. Holy Bone is a warning or maybe a prophecy. Beware, Dallas: things may not always be what they seem. Pay attention.

Peter Simek, D Magazine

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Many thanks to Trinity Groves and to our patron saint, Butch McGregor

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