​​​​Dallas TX

Holy Bone is a trans-media devised performance project that will develop organically and dialogically with the City of Dallas over the period of one year: beginning late November 2016 to November 2017.

Holy Bone is unprecedented in its scope, community engagement, and artistic ambition. It is an outgrowth of the Dead White Zombies aesthetic and ethos: experimental, site-specific, sensorial, poetic, and Meta-theatrical. There are no pre-existing models for this project, which braids aspects of theater, performance, digital, and visual art, sound, video, dance and ritual.

Holy Bone deals with the emergence of a female inspired consciousness. The Holy Bone is the earth, we are all, and everything we know is a part of, the Holy Bone. Something is stirring in the world, and the Holy Bone is a performance state of presence that reveals awareness, recognition, resistance, and acceptance.

Performances will occur in several phases. The first phase (beginning late November 2016 into 2017) of performances will be presented, unannounced, multiple times in a wide variety of unexpected everyday public venues throughout the City of Dallas. The underlying theme of these Bones will be “something is stirring in the world.” One, two and three person Bones will materialize, appearing and disappear like the wind, bringing with them a stirring of awareness and questions. Bystanders will not be certain if what they are seeing is a performance and at times be uncertain if they are part of the performance itself. We are now all performers in an emerging reality.

Given audience reactions and insights, the Bones will be adjusted and with new Bones continually evolved. Concurrent will be the appearance of symbolic markings and artifacts, revelations materialized from the Holy Bone consciousness will magically appear and disappear throughout the year.


Dead White Zombies