​​​​Dallas TX

Dead White Zombies

Lori McCarty

zombie co-founder, managing director

Lori McCarty has appeared in DWZ's Bull Game, Karaoke Motel, blah blah, (w)hole, and Flesh World. She directed Tricks for DWZ which was presented at the 2012 Out of the Loop Festival. She appeared in Some People at Project X and the Out of the Loop Festival. Other credits include Orange Oranges also for Project X at the FIT Festival, The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari and There is Never a Reference Point for StoryLAB and RUR at UTD where she is working on her BA in Arts and Performance. She has also worked at the Pocket Sandwich and other local theatres. She is so happy to be the producer for DWZ. She is a co-founder, producer and the Managing Director of DWZ.

above: a moment of panic in Karaoke Motel