kaRaoKe MoTeL was the best time I've had...I came out with a wobbly grin and an odd sense of well-being--and who can argue with that?                                                         

Theatre Jones

Dead White Zombies is one of the most interesting theater companies in North Texas, offering immersive experiences and so-out-there-it’s-cool scripts by Thomas Riccio. In this one, reality and dreams collide as you walk through the motel. Might you have to sing? Maybe. Will you be talking about it for days afterwards? Definitely.                                                 


Sound Design: Scot Gresham-Lancaster

Dead White Zombies

​​​​Dallas TX

kaRoKe MoTeL

An immersive performance of chance and choice, kaRaoKe MoTeL is both a predestined narrative and a karma-driven game of luck. Written by Thomas Riccio, Dallas’ very own (and very well-regarded) experimental playwright, his dream world explores the deep questions surrounding this world and the next. What happens and does it matter? Do we have any control? It's an exciting and thought-provoking event experienced in real time throughout the sprawling West Dallas Icehouse.                                                             Dallas Observer