John Michael Coglin


John Michael Coglin is a Dallas based performance artist. He studied theatre for three years at Oklahoma State University, where the OSU Sexual Orientation Diversity Association (SODA) gave him a grant to produce his original show about coming out while working at McDonalds called 'Would You Like Guys With That? A McTolerant One-Man Show.' In Fall 2011, John Michael transferred to University of Texas at Dallas to finish his senior year, and further explore creating original performance. Since returning to Dallas, Nouveau 47 Theatre has presented a showcase of his solo performance work. The Galerstein Women's Center at UTD, and The Cathedral of Hope have both presented 'Guys.' Most recently, Nouveau 47 Theatre produced a three week run of his newest show 'The A GAYS: Stillwater, Oklahoma.'He appeared in DWZ's Flesh World and (w)hole.  

above: Shiva in Flesh World

Dead White Zombies

​​​​Dallas TX