​​​​Dallas TX

Ilknur Ozgur


Ilknur Ozgur is improving her patience with driving within Dallas traffic. On icy days she likes to do donuts in school parking lots, and feels alone when no one is joining in her debauchery. As a Chicago theater native, she made her Dallas debut with the Dead White Zombies in Blahblah and she didn't hurt anyone on stage so she was welcomed back again for this production. Again, please be nice to her. She believes that the best directors where once actors, so in working on strengthening her foundation, she once again returns to the stage to develop her craft. Ilknur would like to thank each in every one of you for being a part of DWZ. She appeared in DWZ's blahblah, Flesh World, Bull Game, and as Dr. Gilbellato in DP92. She is the co-founder and member of Artstillery, post-disciplinary performance group based in Dallas.

above: taking care of the sick and wounded in DP92

Dead White Zombies