Alexandra "Allie" Werle


Alexandra (Allie) graduated from NYU Tisch in 2010 with a degree in Drama with concentrations in acting, directing, and media design. She appeared in DWZ's kaRaoKe MoTeL as Fiona and created two videos for the performance. In DP92 she appeared as the inmate turned mollusk, DP92.For The Davis Street Collective's played the title role in Sara Kane's 4.48 Psychosis. She enjoys animals, painting, yoga, rock and roll, classical piano, wine, books, film, fashion, and all sorts of other fascinating and soul-enriching activities. Allie is so grateful to all the wonderful people involved in DWZ and for their talent, hard work and kindness and can't wait to collaborate with all of them again in the future.

above: getting ready for birth in Karaoke Motel

Dead White Zombies

​​​​Dallas TX