Dead White Zombies

​​​​Dallas TX

Sound Design by Scot Gresham-Lancaster

This was my first immersive theater experience and it was a lunatic thrill-ride. Like some lysergic hybrid of Juan Lopez Moctezuma's film 'Mansion of Madness' & the Toho thriller 'Matango' (replacing mushroom people with mollusk mutants here) DP92 brings the exquisite weirdness, challenges the borders between sanity and delirium, and has rollicking fun with tropes from exploitation movies and popular fears of insanity and infection. The atmosphere was nicely layered with sounds, weird videos, glimpses of unusual activities, and eerie vocals over live Theremin music, and ingeniously dramatic use of space. Performances veered from horrific to erotic to darkly comedic, all very effective. Be very happy that Dallas offers such ground-breaking experimental theater and check this company out. I can't wait to see what they put on next.          Steve Aydt, KNON, Dallas

The energy toward transforming the primarily abandoned Trinity Groves area into a new arts district has been spearheaded by Dead White Zombies, led by Thomas Riccio...Riccio offered the example to use abandoned and non-traditional spaces. That really wasn't a possibility before.                                                                                Howl Round

Experimenting with Site-Specific Meta Theatre Performance Installation Media Dallas TX

Since 2011

We are malcontent theatre, performance, visual, sound, and installation artists, ironic & fun loving agent provocateurs in an age of intellectual and cultural leveling, conformity, franchise, and mass marketing to the lowest and most banal common denominator.

We simply do things the way we want to do it, where, and how, because we don’t know what else to do. Our emphasis is on new, experimental, site-specific and collectively created performance work that defies categories and conventions.

We are Dead because we are White, pale reflections of what was once. We are Zombies because we are pretending to be alive.

Thomas Riccio 

Artistic Director

Shelby-Allison Hibbs

Associate Artistic Director